Be a Bold Mayor

BDOnline asked a selection of architects what they they thought should be on the new London Mayor's agenda in their article 'Be a Bold Mayor' on 9 May 2016.  Joanna Day's thoughts were quoted as follows:

"As a female partner in an architectural practice I have been pleased to see Sadiq Khan highlighting gender inequality as a continuing issue in his manifesto. It seems a continuing problem in architecture.

As a micro practice, we are happy that he pledges to actively support small businesses in London, and hope we’ll be able to continue to afford the rent.

As architects, our key concerns about sustainably and equitably shaping the future city align with most areas touched on in his manifesto. Just one example is the potential development of brownfield public land. I think small local practices are ideally placed to make fresh and creative proposals for such sites that test ways of tackling the housing crisis – I hope that Sadiq Khan takes the chance to exploit this expertise for the benefit of London."