The Lantern
Tree house

Winner of LANDSCAPE 2015 'Treehouse without a Tree' competition as part of the London Design Festival

Lantern Treehouse
There are few sights more magical than paper lanterns illuminating a forest. To recreate this magic, the Lantern Treehouse is threaded between trees, hung from independent supports to become part of the forest but not damage it. One Lantern Treehouse can become many, not only suspended among the trees but also moving through them, like gondolas: in the undergrowth, through the branches and above the canopy – an ever changing experience.
Lantern Treehouse
Lantern Treehouse
Like a veil, the delicate outer skin is a buffer to the weather as well as turning each Lantern Treehouse into an object of colour and elegance. Materials derived from trees - engineered timber, treated recycled paper, natural rubber and cork - are carefully crafted and stitched together with stainless steel and glass. The latticed paper envelope forms multiple triangular windows that can each be unfurled to reveal passing sights.
lda lantern treehouse section

The Lantern Treehouse is layered to provide for all seasons and moods. Seating stairs wrap up between the paper skin and the protected circular core. The cocoon-like inner spaces are for sleeping and washing, the reading area offers protected light and views, and the upper terrace completely immerses the travellers in nature.

Langstaff Day Architects were awarded with a 3D printed treehouse as part of their prize from The Landscape Show. The fabulous model was printed by Inition.