The Dream

Dreams are a reflection of another time

Model included in 'Unbuilt' architecture exhibition at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016. Special Mention in Archtriumph Dream Pavilion competition. Exhibited at V&A Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood 2014.

The Dream Pavilion is a place to contemplate nature, and is designed to be sited in parkland. Composed of six arch-like perforated 'petals' arrayed in a circle, the pavilion is carefully conceived around the human scale - grown ups must stoop a little to enter the structure, whilst children can comfortably fit in the small triangular niches. The simple repetitive form is created from six rectangular pieces of weathered steel which are cut, flipped, hinged and folded. It can be delivered as a flat-pack and is also demountable, being easily dismantled and relocated to a new setting.

Dream Pavilion


Dream Pavilion - Construction