The Flexible Hotel Concept aims to make hotels more accessible through an architectural and product design collaboration.

We focused on 3 issues:

Accessibility issue 1. It’s difficult to find and book accessible hotel rooms

Our design solution: FLEXIBLE ALLOCATION

Bijou rooms (50% of provision) and Premium rooms (50% of provision) can be combined using the 'SoundSpace' partition designed by 7TH Design & Invention to create up to 100% Deluxe rooms.

THE BUSINESS CASE: No unused rooms

Accessibility issue 2. Hotel bedrooms are not tailored for particular needs

Our design solution: ROOM CUSTOMISATION

A range of layouts and fittings are available  through measures such as fold-down / movable beds, multi-directional projectors, detachable grab rails and a range of room sizes.

THE BUSINESS CASE: Broad market appeal

Accessibility issue 3Accessible hotel rooms feel like a downgrade

Our design solution: THE INTERIOR STYLE-GUIDE

Hotel guidance ensures all rooms are designed to be inclusive as well as stylish. Style-guides incorporate latest colour trends and brand identity features alongside considerations such as  light reflective values and acoustic absorption parameters.

THE BUSINESS CASE: No undesirable rooms

The SoundSpace expanding partition developed by 7TH Design & Invention has sound damping and anechoic features.